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My Ether Wallet is a highly recommended by London Crypto Exchange as the best way to secure your Funds.

For the Paper Wallet: We recommend using your private safe, safety deposit box or any hiding place you have which is under physical lock and key, users must treat their paper and the password and addresses, like any other currencies, so find a secret place (which only you have access) to store your paper wallet which could be misplaced, lost or stolen.

For the Online Wallet: We recommend using My Ether Wallet online but you must remember your credentials and perform sensible digital storage (file encryption) it is a chance to better arm yourself against phishers and hackers targeting trade environments. Always use only approved software and official websites, even when purchasing cold storage related products such as hardware wallets.

The following are steps to set an address on MyEtherWallet.

Step 1:

Open your Web Browser and navigate to: https://www.myetherwallet.com/

Note: As the MyEtherWallet repeatedly warns, please check the URL: https://www.myetherwallet.com/. If your URL is different, you are likely on a phishing website.

Step 2:

Check that you are on the MyEtherWallet network.

Step 3:

Enter (AND REMEMBER) a secure password in the box and click “Generate Wallet”.

Step 4:

Click “Download” to save your Keystore File and back it up in a safe location. An example is to store it an encrypted USB device which is then placed in a secure safety deposit box.

This is required to access your account for future transactions.

If you misplace this, you will not be able to access your account again.

If it is stolen, you may lose all of your ETH or other tokens in the wallet.

Step 5 (Recommended):

This step is optional but very useful. Click “Print” to obtain an unencrypted copy of your wallet’s essential information.


This is an example of a paper wallet.

Alternatively, you may wish to print a physical copy.

The same rules on storing it in a safe location apply for both the paper wallet and the physical copy. Never share it with any other person.

Step 6 (Recommended):

You should practice unlocking your address on MyEtherWallet multiple times before sending any ETH to it. You can:

  1. Go to Send Ether & Tokens
  2. Select Keystore File (UTC / JSON)
  3. Select your Wallet File (where you saved your keystore file)
  4. Enter your password
  5. Select Unlock

You will then be able to see your address and account balance.

If you have followed the above steps, your MyEtherWallet address is now set up!

You may now transfer ETH from your Exchange account to your MyEtherWallet address.