London Crypto Exchange is compliant with current trading rules, utilising Civic Secure ID platform for KYC/AML sign up, alongside the Metamask wallet registered, Civic ID registered users can automatically trade using the MetaMask extension.

The London Crypto Exchange is in constant communication with banks, regulators and supervisory authorities, to form compliance agreements to be able trade in regions across the globe.
London Crypto Exchange and its development team, trade partners and the regulatory bodies for which we are registered will be present upon launch within Q1 2019.
Traders have active use of the London Crypto Exchange for free utilising Civic and Metamask.

Metamask allows traders to immediately engage with London Crypto Exchange, view below to see steps to using Metamask in London Crypto Exchange.

STEP 1 : To complete this, you will need MetaMask Extension configured in your browser.

Watch the video tutorial, then download MetaMask browser extension from

STEP 2: Open and click start trading to login to your MetaMask account

STEP 3: Upon log in at MetaMask, you’ll see your current Metamask address listed in the top menu.

Click the address to access your MetaMask Wallet at

You’re all set. You can now start using



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